Show weekend in Tallinn, Estonia

11.02.2017 IDS “Tallinn Winter Cup 2018” 

Congrats to Kiki and Fix owners Elen and Grete!!!

Handsome Griffon Belge WHOOP DE WOO DON PICCOLO “Piccolo” at the age 9 mo won JCAC, BOB J, BOB and got two titles Tallinn Winter Cup Junior Winner 18 and Tallinn Winter Cup Winner 2018.

Little sweet Griffon Belge boy WHOOP DE WOO ESTEFAN DE LA FERIA “Fix” was Best of Breed Puppy with PP and nice critique. Judge: Paola Watten Micara from Italy.

Pretty Bruxellois girl WHOOP DE WOO ESTELLA DE LA VICTORIA “Kiki” was Best of Breed Puppy with PP and excellent critique. Judge: Margaret Wildman from UK

International Dog Show “Benelux Winner 2017” & “Belgian Winner 2016” (Crufts Qualification) in Brussels, Belgium

Last shows of the year 2017 and can’t be more happy with results!

16.12.2017  IDS Brussels Trophy “Benelux Winner”

Our Brussels griffon WHOOP DE WOO BELLATRIX “Bella” got exl.1, BF1, CAC, CACIB, new title “Belelux Winner 2017” and BOB! With this CACIB she is now C.I.B  – International Champion of Beauty!

Our petit brabancone WHOOP DE WOO CINNAMON QUEEN “Mona” got exl.1, BF2, Res-CAC, Res-CACIB.

Judge: Freddy Declercq (BE)








17.12.2016 in IDS “Belgian Winner 2017”

Our pretty Brussels griffon WHOOP DE WOO BELLATRIX “Bella” repeated her first day results – exl.1, BF1, CAC, CACIB, and BOB! Now she is Belgian Winner 2017.

Our sweet petit brabancone  WHOOP DE WOO CINNAMON QUEEN “Mona” got exl.1, BF1, CAC, CACIB, and BOS! Also new title Belgian Winner 2017.

Judge: Dimitry Van Raamsdonk (BE)

Hot show news from Spain

Back from beautiful and warm Spain with really nice show results!

Petit Brabancon WHOOP DE WOO CINNAMON QUEEN “Mona” had nice show holiday in Spain. She participated in four shows (2 IDS and 2NDS) and  got 4x exl.1, 4x CAC, 2x CACIB and 4x Best Of Breed!

Now Mona has new titles “Malaga Winner 2017” and “Sun Coast Winner 2017” also she got Crufts Qualification! For confirming Champion of Spain she needs one more CAC from Mandatory Point Show.

Judges: Anthony Kelly (IE), Göran Bodegard (SE), Jose Miguel Doval Sanchez (ES) and Erwin Deutsher (AT).


International Dog Show in Tartu, Estonia

Show weekend in Uuemõisa, Estonia

First time in ring our  hope WHOOP DE WOO D’AMICO PAOLA “Paula” 

09.09.2017 BOB BABY, PP
“4 months old female. Very nice type, good size for the age. Pretty head with lovely expression. Excellent proportions. Good topline, nice angulations, good tail. Very happy in the ring. Moves correct.”
Judge: Dragana Vasiljevic (Serbia)

10.09.2017 BOB BABY, PP

“Lovely girl full of type, nice temperament, good construction for age, happy mover, typical expression.”
Judge: Yochai Barak (Israel)

National dog show in Tartumaa, Estonia

Better late, than never!

Belgian boy WHOOP DE WOO COBBY COLONEL “Mustikas” got his last EST CAC from judge Beata Petkevica (Latvia) and was also Best of Opposite!

Now his first (hopefully there will be many) champion title is confirmed – CHAMPION OF ESTONIA!

Photo by Birgit Aun (Shutter Went Click)

International Dog Show in Pärnu, Estonia

Our sweety WHOOP DE WOO CHERRY BLOSSOM ODESSA “Cherry”  came to visit us in hot Pärnu where we had Speciality show for group V & IX and  2 x CACIB dog show.

07.07.2017 Speciality show
exl.1, CQ, BF2, EST CAC. Cherry is now CHAMPION OF ESTONIA!
Judge: Hiroshi Kamisato (Japan)

08.07.2017 Intenational show
exl.3/3 in champion class
Judge:  Jose Miguel Doval Sanchez (Spain)

09.07.2017 International show
exl.1/3, CQ, BF1, CACIB and Best of Opposite!
Judge: Oliver Simon (Croatia)

Congrats to owner Oksana Zadoynova!